Bob, Chris and Brent in Taos

Bob Andrews, Chris Morel and Brent Berry

Andrews, Morel and Berry, a set of unlikely lads if ever there was, came together to perform for Jimmy Stadler's "Off The Cuff " series at KTAOS radio station in December 2017, playing the songs of "The Band". Bob Andrews and Brent Berry are full-time musicians playing solo shows and with other bands, while Chris Morel is a full-time artist, but the trio had so much fun doing the "Cuff" show that they decided to keep the trio together and try playing a few shows around Taos. These days they attract large crowds for all their appearances, and are now a firm favorite for local dancers.

In 2018 "AMB" performed another "Off The Cuff" show, playing the music of Eric Clapton. This video contains some selections from the radio recording.

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